Wicked Hunt: a Paranormal Psychic Suspense Mystery Thriller

By (author)SK Alexander

In “The Empath Series,” former special agent Nathaniel Colt finds himself in a race against time to stop a ruthless sniper terrorizing Los Angeles, using his psychic abilities to track down the lurking evil. This gripping mystery thriller with a psychic investigator and serial killers is perfect for fans of Criminal Minds and The Listener. Get ready to settle in for a thrilling read with a dash of action sprinkled on top.


A vicious sniper on the loose in Los Angeles. A grief-stricken empath. A ticking clock…For Nathaniel Colt, Los Angeles is not the City of Angels. For the empath, LA is hell. A quick visit turns into a nightmare when the former special agent becomes embroiled in the hunt for a ruthless sniper terrorizing the city.When the lurking evil puts the profiler and those closest to him in his crosshairs, a race against time begins, and the consultant must rely on his psychic abilities before their time runs out.Will Nathaniel emerge victorious, or will LA, once again, prove to be hell on Earth for the empath?If you enjoy stories with a psychic investigator, serial killers, and an insolent dog, then you will love “The Empath Series”.. For fans of Criminal Minds, Profiler and The Listener.. Buy now and settle in for a mystery thriller with a dash of action sprinkled on top.