Wicked Water: a Paranormal Romance in the Dark Wing Universe

By (author)Ellie Pond

Princess trained by her father the King in handling a trident sent into hiding with four protectors in a kingdom rife with danger. On the run with childhood crush, former soldier, possessive wolf, and pushy dragon, all potential mates, but she can’t possibly choose between them as her heart is at risk.


This princess can handle a trident better than any merman. My father, the King, trained me himself.But things are changing in our hidden kingdom. Danger is lurking and I don’t know who to trust. To keep me safe, I am sent into hiding with four protectors.Four insanely gorgeous protectors.Now I’m on the run with my childhood crush, a former soldier, a possessive wolf, and the world’s pushiest dragon. Four potential mates for my royal pod once I become Queen.But when my heart is at risk, not a single one of them can save me.Not when I can’t possibly choose between them.