Wild Melody

By (author)Derek Erickson


In “Ashes of Reiner,” Ashley reunites with her father and uncovers the truth about a fateful night six months ago. With vampires as her closest allies and werewolves on her trail, she must navigate a world of danger and suspicion to unravel the mystery. As the tension mounts and old family ties resurface, the time has come for this haunting melody to reach its final notes.


Reunited with her father, Ashley knows the truth of what happened six months ago. Now the question is, what happened to everyone else?All clues start in the ashes of Reiner. Everyone is on edge and more likely to shoot first and ask questions later. Ashley must relive that night with vampires now her closest friends and werewolves hunting her. In a world without friends, monsters her only hope, and the return of family, all of this seems eerily familiar.One way or another, this song is about to come to an end.