Will You Stay?: a Billionaire Dark Romance Short Read

By (author)Anna J. Kings

In “Will You Stay? A Billionaire Dark Romance,” a struggling young woman facing financial challenges finds herself at a crossroads when a mysterious man offers her a life-changing opportunity. With her father’s life in jeopardy and her own future uncertain, she must decide whether to accept the tempting offer from the enigmatic stranger. This captivating story delves into the complexities of love, desire, and the choices that can shape our lives.


Will You Stay?A Billionare Dark Romance. I’m your normal average every-day kind of girl with daily troubles just like people my age. Light bills, food bills, house bills until the life of my Pops gets included to the list. Being the only living relative I have left in this big black world, it’s impossible for me to sit by and let him die. Especially when we’ve both been through thick and thin. My life takes a darker turn when I’m met with this electric blue eyed creep of a man. Tall as a palm tree, wicked as sin. He makes me a deal I can’t refuse, something that’ll wipe away every burden from off my tired shoulders. A deal that will change my life a million times over for the better. Being at the rock bottom of my life, who the heck am I to refuse such a golden deal wrapped in a black bow and dipped in dark desires?