Wolf’s Queen: Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

By (author)Lynn Nodima

Join Janelle, Queen of the Were, and her pack for a girl’s day in Houston that takes a dangerous turn when human traffickers target them. With the Alpha Queen on the hunt, and Flora facing a gun-wielding thug, this thrilling shifter adventure is a must-read for fans of the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack series.


Shifter ladies go to Houston for a girl’s day. What could go wrong? Janelle With the Oklahoma Huntsmen routed, the injured healing, and the battles over, at least for now, Janelle, Queen of the Were, wants nothing more than for things to get back to normal. She takes a mixed group of were ladies to Houston for a ‘girls day,’ but the fun stops when human traffickers kidnap two of her pack. The traffickers don’t know what they have. More important, they don’t know what’s coming for them. The Alpha Queen is hunting . . . Flora Will barely survived the Oklahoma battle. Flora foregoes the trip to Houston with the ladies to support Will in his recovery. He refuses to believe physical therapy will help him regain his panther abilities. But when Flora is threatened by a gun-wielding thug . . . If you love reading about shifters, you will love learning about the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack! This is Book 7 in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series.