Wreck the Halls

By (author)Becca Baldwin

In the heartwarming holiday romance novella, “Wreck the Halls,” Sydney Rice’s life takes a dramatic turn when her apartment burns down and her ex-boyfriend is caught in a compromising situation. Just when she needs a break, her former love, Bradley Johnson, unexpectedly hires her and sparks begin to fly. Join Sydney and Bradley as they navigate their feelings and find out if they will seize the opportunity for love.


When Sydney Rice’s apartment goes up in flames and her ex-boyfriend is caught in a compromising position, all she wants is a break. Just days before Christmas, her creepy boss tells her she has to work. Bradley Johnson, the only man she ever loved, unknowingly walks into the shop where she works and hires her on the spot, setting off a fire he can’t put out. Every day, Bradley has to watch Sydney, and fight his urge to tell her how he feels. Will he get the courage to tell her or will he miss his chance?

Find out in Wreck the Halls, a contemporary, holiday-themed romance novella!