Wyvern Academy: Path of Ascension Iii

By (author)Atlas Kane

Leviathan Academy is the pinnacle of ascension, where Alex and J seek greater power after surviving their first demon encounter at Wyvern Academy. With the annual tri-school tournament approaching, everyone is counting on Wyvern to unseat Leviathan, but some boundaries are not meant to be crossed. Be warned: this novel contains explicit adult content, unconventional relationships, and graphic violence. Proceed at your own risk.


On the path of ascension, Leviathan Academy stands above all others. Alex and J have achieved the power they sought at Wyvern Academy and come out alive after facing down their first demon. Their success will mean little when they face their own limitations though. Both heroes strive for even greater heights as the annual tri-school tournament looms ahead. Everyone is hoping that Wyvern Academy can unseat Leviathan in this international brawl, and they will do everything they can to win. But some lines are simply not meant to be crossed. Caution to Readers: Wyvern Academy Light Novels contain explicit adult content, unconventional / harem relationships, graphic and persistent violence, and occasional lapses in decorum that would make your dear mother faint. Proceed at your own risk.