X-rated Fairy Tale

By (author)Raven Blackbird

Cinder Ella’s hilarious and raunchy twist on the classic fairy tale follows her wild journey to the royal ball, complete with a vulgar and unexpected Fairy Godmother, a glass dildo, and a helicopter made from a gourd. Will she find true love with Prince Charming despite her evil step-sisters’ meddling? Dive into this perverted fairy tale to find out!


When Cinder Ella is forced to wax her nasty evil step-sister’s backs, rub their corns, and give them Brazilians so they can be ‘fresh and beautiful’ for the upcoming royal ball, she wishes for her Fairy Godmother to deliver her from evil. The Fairy Godmother appears and decides to help Cinder Ella out (although Cinder Ella is a bit disturbed that her ‘Fairy Godmother’ is in fact a vulgar, bulging, balding old man who bears a striking resemblance to Danny DeVito). Nonetheless, her Fairy Godmother does transform a gourd into a helicopter, gives Cinder Ella a slutty new outfit, and even gives her a glass dildo to pleasure herself with. Cinder Ella goes to the ball and instantly attracts the attention of Prince Charming, much to the dismay of her evil step-sisters. When the clock strikes midnight, Cinder Ella must rush home before her helicopter turns back into a gourd. In her hurry to leave, she accidentally drops her glass dildo. Prince Charming proceeds to tour the countryside, hoping to fit the glass dildo inside the vagina of his one-true love. Will Cinder Ella live happily ever after with her Prince Charming? Or will her evil step-sisters ruin everything like always? You’ll have to read this perverted version of a fairy tale classic to find out!