By (author)Kat Mizera


In the Kindle book “Royal Protector,” a bodyguard to the royal family of Limaj is tasked with protecting a fiery and stubborn princess who hates his guts. As they navigate the thin line between love and hate, an old enemy returns, and the bodyguard is willing to risk everything to save the princess, even if it means burning down the whole country. Can he do it in time?


I’ll protect her. No matter the cost.. I’m a Royal Protector. An official bodyguard to the royal family of Limaj. I work with the best of the best and I’m at the top of my field, but I may not survive my next assignment.. She’s a princess in every sense of the word. She’s also fiery, stubborn and absolutely hates my guts.Fine, it’s easier this way. Until it isn’t.. Because there’s a thin line between love and hate… and we can’t help but blur it.. Now everything is complicated, including the return of an old enemy.. I’m willing to burn down the whole country to eliminate the danger and save the princess. . My princess. . The question is, can I do it in time?