Cynthia Wright

You and No Other

Unhappy about the marriage arranged for her by her parents, eighteen-year-old Aimee de Fleurance turns for help to the handsome courtier, Thomas Mardouet, Seigneur de St. Briac, in a romance set amid the splendor and intrigue of the court of Francois.


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"YOU & NO OTHER positively sparkles with historical details, real-life characters, and an utterly unforgettable hero!”~ PAST ROMANCE Historical Romance Blog

Thomas Mardouet, Seigneur de St. Briac, is a man with a perfect life – bold, witty, and splendid to behold, he is the King of France’s trusted knight.
But the day that captivating Aimée de Fleurance appears in the woods to interrupt a hunt, St. Briac’s life is turned on end. When she takes her sister’s place and joins the royal court to avoid an arranged marriage, St. Briac is drawn unwillingly into her impetuous scheme.

To save Aimée from the king’s bed, St. Briac shocks them both by declaring that they are betrothed. After all, marriage is the last thing he wants, especially to this infuriating maiden…

Journey back to the magical world of 16th century France and join Aimée and St. Briac for an adventure filled with enchantment, laughter, and sensuous passion!

CROWNS & KILTS: The St. Briac Family
1526 – YOU & NO OTHER (Thomas & Aimée)
1532 – OF ONE HEART (Andrew & Micheline)
1538 – ABDUCTED AT THE ALTAR (Christophe & Fiona) 
1539 – RETURN OF THE LOST BRIDE (Ciaran & Violette) 

The St. Briac Family in the Regency 
1808 – THE SECRET OF LOVE (Gabriel & Isabella)
1818 – HIS MAKE-BELIEVE BRIDE (Justin & Mouette)



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