Zombies Episode 10: State of Emergency

By (author)Ivan Turner


In the final episode of Zombies! Series 1, New York City is under attack by a horde of zombies, and four individuals must make difficult choices to protect themselves and their loved ones. As a blizzard rages outside, Abby Benjamin fights for survival with her son, Shawn Rudd and his friends must outwit and outfight the undead, Dr. Luco performs a dangerous experiment to save a life, and Anthony Heron seeks solace in a quiet evening at home. Get ready for thrilling action and intense decision-making in this gripping conclusion.


Is the apocalypse a world wide event or is it something that happens privately to the individual? In this final episode of Zombies! Series 1, the city of New York is besieged by thousands of zombies. For Anthony Heron, Denise Luco, Shawn Rudd, and Abby Benjamin, difficult choices must be made if they are to protect themselves and the ones they love.

In the midst of a raging blizzard, an army of zombies marches across the five boroughs of New York City.

Trapped with her son in a small boutique, Abby Benjamin must contend not only with her own growing panic, but the panic of those around her.

Cutting out of school on a Friday during a snowstorm sounds like a lot of fun. But Shawn Rudd and his friends are suddenly cornered by zombies at every turn and must fight their way through with nothing but their wits and their guts.

Troubled by the developments with Zoe Koplowitz, Dr. Luco vows not to let the government destroy her. Desperate, she performs a dangerous experiment which will change both her life and Zoe’s undeath.

While the police and the army battle zombies, Anthony Heron has the neighbors over the house for some coffee and conversation. There’s nothing like a quiet evening at home during the storm.