Why do you do this?

I answered why I started OHFB on the blog when it first launched, but basically I did it because I wanted to shake off some cobwebs. I haven't made a website like this for a while, so, I figured why not. Seriously. I enjoy this stuff... Odd as it may sound. There's another reason too. My kids LOVE Kindle stuff. And, that can get expensive. So, I started looking for free Kindle books for kids. And it got hard. I tried to make it easier... And, here we are!

MAN! I wish *I* had a Kindle!! I'd read the heck out of all these.

Guess what? I'm about to make all of your digital hoarding dreams come true. Got an iPhone? An Android based phone? Maybe a tablet? Maybe even a PC? A mac even? Basically, if you are somehow reading this, then, I bet we can get you Kindle books to read - for free. No Kindle necessary. Seriously! Kindle, the app, is available for just about everything! What does this cost? I told ya! FREE! Here's where you get started to start reading all of free Kindle books that OHFB finds. I know. You're welcome.

I'm in <insert-your-country-or-home-land>, the books aren't free.. what gives?!

The book prices are based on the US amazon site, AKA, amazon.com. But, there is a "trick". Because the books are often only free in the US, just replace your site (amazon.co.uk/amazon.ca/etc) with amazon.COM when you are redirected. I have heard this works pretty well for people but have not personally confirmed. (now confirmed on twitter)

I'm in the USA. The books still aren't free! What gives?!

Book prices change. Often. The reason many of these books are free is because the author makes them so. It helps drum up a little interest and excitement. So, if you see something that you like and it's still free... GET IT! It might not be the next time you go back! PS - I have a sweeper program that removes books that are no longer free. It's possible to see a book before my sweeper has cleaned up, so just keep an eye out!

I see the book for free!! OH MY GARSH, OH YEA... WHAT DO I DO?! Now what??

Click the cover of the free book (if you haven't already)

Verify the book is still free for Kindle (prices fluctuate and change)

If it is free to buy, it will say "Kindle Price: $0.00 includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet"

Click the "Buy now with 1-Click" button

The book will be downlaoded to your Kindle Reader

Ok. So, I think I've got it. But... I'm still confused about my actual Kindle.

I may not be Amazon, but, I can still help. All of your Kindle specific questions and more that you have yet to think of can be answered on the Amazon page for Kindle support.

You can even find specific pages for the Kindle DX, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite (coming soon), Kindle Fire 1st Generation, New Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch.

Not sure which Kindle you have? Take a look at the main Kindle support page and match your Kindle up with the ones shown!

I want to open my heart and my wallet for your awesome service you provide. Where do I send the blank check?

Thanks, but it's not necessary. Keep your check. But, if you want to help support the site, use it. It's that simple. It doesn't cost you anything and it helps keep the lights on. Everyone wins! And if you really want to be a super-duper star in my book, tell some friends too!

Oh no! I didn't know these book prices fluctuate and missed your warnings. I'm super sad. I didn't even read the book when I found out! Is there anything I can do?

Maybe. You can return a Kindle book you do not want within seven days of your purchasing. To return the book, go to Amazon, go to Your Account on the upper right, login if needed and proceed to Manage Your Kindle. Find the title of the book in question and select return for refund. Alternatively, you can call Amazon Kindle Support at 1-866-321-8851.

Do you have anyhing for a more... mature audience?

I do. There is a free Erotica for Kindle section, but, you will notice that it does not live anywhere else but that one genre specific page. Why? Because I think the people that want to see it should be able to. And, those that don't shouldn't have to. So, you won't find it in the daily email updates on Free Kindle books or on the homepage results of free books for Kindle that update every hour. But, we do have free reads for those of you that like your stories heavy on the spicy side.

I wish your URL was shorter. Why OneHundredFreeBooks.com anyway?

Great question. Honestly? Ok. I didn't know the site was going to be so successful. I originally made it to just show one hundred free books at a time... and ... well, now you know why it is named what it's named. I know. It's a long, clunky name. I decided to do something about it!

Now, you can access OHFB by using the domain name ohfb.com.

I guess my question isn't "frequent" enough. Who do I complain to and have my burning question answered by?

Hopefully me! You can reach out via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or . If the question is one that everyone should know the answer to, I'll be sure to add it too! Frequent or not.