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Welcome, book lover! Are you looking for Kindle book deals? OHFB features limited-time sales of the best free and bargain Kindle books from the biggest publishers and bestselling independent authors. These are today's featured books:
Nighthawk: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 3)
by Le Veque, Kathryn
$14.99 $0.00
1271 A.D. - The Wolfe's greatest son is a man known as NIGHTHAWK.Patrick de Wolfe is every bit his father's son - cunning, intelligent, and ruthless. An enormous man with his father's dark hair and his mother's pale green eyes, he's the man destined to lead William de Wolfe's great legacy. He is so great, in fact, that the king has personally asked for his service, as one of the king's personal body guards. On ...
Alexandr Obsessed: An Over The Top Alpha Obsessive older man younger woman insta-love romance (Bad Russian Book 1)
by May Ball, Alice
$7.50 $0.00
“I LOVE A WOMAN WITH AN APPETITE.”If only he knew!When wealthy, powerful Alexandr sees Cate, the fresh and innocent American art student, he knows at once that he must have her, whatever it takes. He will make her his, teach her for the first time what it means to feel the strength of a Russian man who knows exactly how to take what he wants.The first time Cate encounters Alexandr, his power and his huge, ...
Stones: Data (Stones #1)
by Jacob Whaler
$19.99 $0.00
#1 Amazon Thriller! A New Take on Good versus Evil! A novel that will blow your mind and open your eyes!Alexander the Great. Genghis Kahn. Julius Caesar. Attila the Hun. Mao. Stalin. For thousands of years, the Stones have been hidden among us, giving a privileged few power to rule over masses, destroy empires and create new ones. It's near the end of the 21st century. When Matt Newmark was ten years old, his mother ...
Starfall (The Starfall Chronicles Book 1)
by R.M. Anderson
$10.99 $0.00
Radianne Timblebrooke has grown bored with life as she knows it and aches for something more: Adventure, a path of her own, and... maybe... even true love? On one fateful evening, a blinding light falls into her world and changes it all, bringing the adventure she longed for and much more. In a race against time to the stars, Radianne discovers beauty, love, strength, and a force that threatens to cover her world in shadows. ...
The Wish to Kill: An Alex Kertész Mystery (Alex Kertesz Mysteries Book 1)
by Janet Hannah
$2.99 $0.00
Alex Kertesz is a biochemist, Handsome, popular - with everyone except his artist wife - and good at what he does, he is the opposite of Professor Ilan Falk, whose body he discovers one night in a University of Jerusalem laboratory. He had just been wishing that Falk would go to hell when an explosion in the laboratory sent him there. Was Falk's death the result of an accident? The professor had many enemies for ...
Eight Days in October
by DM Schwartz
$8.99 $0.00
A teenage boy uncovers a horrific family secret. A widower seeks vengeance on the creatures that killed his wife. A drug addled writer stalks the woman of his dreams, a woman much more sinister than she appears. A federal agent races to find the cursed relic powering this city full of spooks, spirits, and serial killers. The lives of these and others will collide in the dark and dangerous streets of Adderlass.A seed of evil ...
I (Chronicles of darkness Book 1)
by Charles Reed
$10.99 $0.00
A young white-haired boy is brought into a cold dark world by forces unknown, alongside his raven haired twin brother.These two make their way through a hellish desert, and a mystical forest which will lead them to their true fate... and their parents.After being separated from his brother "I" must make his own way through the universe. Whether it be fighting beasts in a mysterious medievalesque landscape, crazed men under an ancient metropolis or defending ...
The Witching House: A Horror Novella
by Brian Moreland
$8.95 $0.00
Some houses should be left alone.In 1972, twenty-five people were brutally murdered in one of the bloodiest massacres in Texas history. The mystery of who committed the killings remains unsolved.Over forty years later, Sarah Donovan is dating an exciting man, Dean Stratton. Sarah's scared of just about everything--heights, tight places, the dark--but today she must confront all her fears, as she joins Dean and another couple on an exploring adventure. The old abandoned Blevins House, ...
From Amish Ashes: An anthology of Amish romance
by Terri Downes
$15.99 $0.00
HOW DO AMISH COUPLES DEAL WITH MARITAL DISCORD?Aaron and Hannah have been a popular couple in the Amish community for a long time. Their fellow Amish view them as a couple that other young people should see as role models. But behind the scenes, an anger simmers. They fight on a daily basis, with small squabbles soon turning into mutual verbal abuse. They both try to find ways to fix their marriage and are about ...
The Amish Life of Marie Fisher: An anthology of Amish Romance
by Erica Fanning
$17.95 $0.00
An anthology of Amish life and love headlined by "The Amish Life of Marie Fisher". Marie Fisher could not be more angry when her parents try to arrange a marriage for her with Jonathan Schuster. They have both disliked each other ever since an incident in their childhood...She prays that the marriage doesn't happen and suddenly Jonathan becomes very sick. Feeling guilty, Marie visits him every day and oddly finds herself growing closer to the ...


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