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Welcome, book lover! Are you looking for Kindle book deals? OHFB features limited-time sales of the best free and bargain Kindle books from the biggest publishers and bestselling independent authors. These are today's featured books:
AGENT RAEANN O’RILEY (Female Special Agent: FBI Book 1)
by Alexandria House
$10.95 $0.00
Raeann O’Riley thought her dreams had come true when she met her soulmate, Nick Bannon. But her fantasy is shattered after a jealous rival for his affection drugs and seduces him, and worse, becomes pregnant. Feeling betrayed and heartbroken, Raeann slams the door on her heart and throws away the key, dedicating herself to her career as a criminal profiler for the FBI.Seven years later, when a missing person’s case crosses her desk, Raeann must ...
Set: A Novella (Them Boys Book 1)
by Alexandria House
$8.00 $0.00
A chance encounter and one night of passion leads to a mutually beneficial arrangement for two souls from different worlds. When love creeps into the equation, neither is sure how to feel or what to do. The only thing either is certain of, is their need for the other.Set is book one of the Them Boys novella series.This novella includes strong sexual content and profanity. If these elements do not appeal to you, this may ...
My Shenandoah Love (Jones Family)
by Jonathan Kuiper
$9.99 $0.00
Hanna Jones reflects on the last eight years of her life, especially when Nathan, the city’s newest deputy, moves to town and how that changed everything. Between getting a running partner, and a valuable confidant, Hanna had to negotiate her promiscuous mother, Diane, who set her eyes on this fine prize. Maintaining their friendship and controlling her blossoming affections towards the young deputy, Hanna is forced to minimize her mother’s behavior while blocking the advances ...
Real Men Love Curves (Curvy Ever After Book 1)
by Kat Baxter
$0.99 $0.00
LukeEven though Erin and I have been best friends for years, she has no idea how much I want her. No idea that her luscious curves drive me crazy, or that she stars in my every fantasy. No idea that I’m aching to get out of the friend zone. I’m smart enough to keep that shit under wraps.There’s only one secret I guard more closely: I may want Erin’s body, but I also want her heart and soul. ...
Flawed (Gamer Girls Book 1)
by Auryn Hadley
$13.99 $0.00
The last thing a broken girl needs is perfection.Love isn't something Dez has time for. Simply staying alive is too much work. Even worse, the thing trying to get her is something she can't outrun: her own dark thoughts. Three years after the incident, she's only getting worse. Even the thought of casually brushing up against another person triggers her panic attacks, yet everyone says she should be fine.They call her a survivor, but this ...
The Ground Beneath Our Feet (Giving You … Book 4)
by Leslie McAdam
$15.99 $0.00
A STEAMY, STANDALONE, BODY-POSITIVE/CURVY GIRL/ROOMMATES-TO-LOVERS ROMANCESo maybe I’ve been sheltered, but what a way to open up my eyes. Walking in on my new, allegedly “professional,” man-mountain roommate doing the nasty with some woman.Eye bleach. Please.I’ve got enough to worry about with my new job in a new city, and even worse, my new health diagnosis. So maybe my curves have gotten a little out of control. But If I can’t escape my demons with ...
Hopelessly Shattered: (Sacred Sinners MC – Texas Chapter #1)
by Bink Cummings
$11.69 $0.00
1st book in a complete Trilogy.Single Mother- ✔Dead Father- ✔Motherless Childhood- ✔Librarian- ✔Black Rimmed Glasses to Fit the Job Description- ✔The Biggest A-hole in the World for an Ex- ✔✔When you're born you never know what life will throw at you. You just make the best of it no matter what happens. That's pretty much been my go-to since infancy. Then the charming, bald headed, blue eyed, Brent came along and I thought all the ...
RUN: A Steamy Romantic Suspense (Whisper Cove Book 1)
by Beneva Clark
$9.99 $0.00
Whisper Cove looks like any other place along Maine’s rocky coast. Long summer breezes. Brilliant autumn leaves. Silent blankets of winter snow. A remote town where every neighbor knows the other, it’s a perfectly peaceful place to start anew... whether you mean to or not.Beneath the postcard appearance of this deceptively dreamy town, hearts are ablaze. With promises to keep, honor to defend, lives to save, and secrets to keep, Whisper Cove is anything but ...
The Princess Problem (Sexy Misadventures of Royals Book 1)
by Christi Barth
$17.99 $0.00
What woman doesn’t want to wear a tiara? Me. The one who lives in yoga pants and knows she’s not special enough to be a princess.One minute I’m starting my dream life in NYC, and the next, a man too hot for his own good is banging on my door, telling me that I’m a long lost princess of a country on the other side of the Atlantic.Not exactly your typical Friday night in the ...
Catfished: A Rylie Cooper Mystery (Rylie Cooper Mysteries Book 1)
by Stella Bixby
$12.99 $0.00
It wasn’t the life she pictured.And the view from her parent’s basement……looked like failure.Rylie hadn’t grown up wanting to be a park ranger (or move back home in disgrace) and she wasn’t sure what it involved, but she had to start somewhere. Rebuilding a life after being lied to, cheated on, and evicted, isn’t an exact science. She thought her first day on the job would be all fresh air and nature walks.Then she found ...