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    All Things Considered: A Ryn Davis Mystery (Ryn Davis Mystery Series Book 1)

    "Betrayal and love are close bedfellows, but make for poor sleep." (ARC reviewer) The police say Ryn Davis is guilty of murder. Ryn claims she was asleep. Sound asleep. Dead-to-the-world asleep. An insomniac with a long history of sleepwalking, night terrors, and other sleep disorders, Ryn’s dodging a life-changing decision. Should she leave her iconic rock-star lover? Are his fame and money worth his mood swings? After a particularly explosive argument, she goes to bed. He follows. The argument escalates. Exhausted, she goes to the guest bedroom. She pops a sleeping pill. One melatonin, she rationalizes, determined to think more clearly. Technically, a hormone. Not a drug. She wakens the next morning, groggy and disoriented. Fragments of a dream fade in and out of memory. Not the argument with Stone … but something more disturbing. When she enters their bedroom, she sees him in bed—a red hibiscus blooming on his chest. Unable to produce the melatonin bottle, Ryn acts more and more defensive and guilty. The police ridicule her testimony. Definitely bitter, can she prove how an insomniac slept through two bullets? For fans of Alison Gaylin, Meg Abbott, Laura Lippman, and authors writing about strong women sleuths.