What is OHFB?

It’s not a book selling platform. It’s not an online store.

It’s a place designed for readers looking for a great deal on great books, and who are ready to read them using the world’s most popular and powerful ereading software and devices. It’s a place for you to discover tomorrow’s best-sellers before the price goes up. It’s an online library with books you can keep forever, most of them absolutely free and the rest priced so low it’s almost criminal.

It’s a place that started as a list of one hundred free books (the name really did make sense once upon a time), and that now contains an ever-evolving selection of ereading material across all genres (though we’re sticking to English-language titles for the time being).

It’s a place for free (and almost free) books, plain and simple.

Why Do I Do It?

Honestly, it’s a labor of love—the love of reading, the love of building things for the web, and the love of finding (and sharing) a good bargain.

There’s no catch, no hidden cost, no need to enter any payment information or make an account or take a quick survey or even sign up for an email list (though I have one of those, if you’re into daily deals on new free books). Browse the titles, find the book(s) you love, and click the link. That’s it.


I hate to disappoint my fans, but if you’re looking for an ulterior motive I have to admit: I’m fresh out. They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there truly is such a thing as a free book, and I’ve got a site full of them to prove it.

How Can You Get Started?

Easy. Just click on over to the list of book deals and start looking at titles. You can also look at my list of today’s deals—a list that’s actually updated multiple times a day, more often than not—to see the freshest titles available for free.

When you find a title and description you find intriguing, click the link to Amazon to download the ebook, or to read reviews, see what else the author has written, and more.

You can also use our price tracking tool to receive an email notification when the price drops on the more expensive titles in Amazon’s bookstore. Simply enter the title, author, or keywords into the bar at the bottom of any page, select the specific book you want to watch, and enter your email address. We’ll let you know as soon as the price drops (and we won’t fill your inbox with anything else).

Read more. Spend less.