• Romance

    Saying Goodbye: The Prequel to New Heights (Passports and Promises)

    She didn’t want anything serious, but he had other plans, and a meaningless hookup turned into a mental trap. Samantha Barnes is ready to get out of her comfort zone. Preparing to study abroad, she wants to enjoy a final fling with frat brother Dylan Hunter before departing for Japan. But when Dylan demands more, she struggles to find a way to end their relationship without hurting them both. When love becomes a tightrope walk between control and fear, sometimes the worst thing that can happen isn’t breaking things off. It’s continuing on, especially when the consequences could be deadly. Saying Goodbye is the prequel to the eye-opening Passports and Promises forbidden love romance series. If you like overcoming challenges, addressing dark issues, and heartwarming character growth, then you’ll adore Abigail Drake’s inspiring tales of fate, love, and international adventures. Buy Saying Goodbye to start on your own new adventure today! Warning: This book includes topics that may trigger some readers, including sexual assault, date rape, depression, and mental illness. Read more