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    Dreams of the Vengeful: A Massacred Dreams Prologue

    Our love was written in blood, but our dream was born from death. Once upon a time, I had it all. Born heir apparent to one of the Six Families,I was destined for greatness.Wealth and power were in my blood, andsweet Thalia was one more means to an end. Until they banished me from the watchful city,stripping me of everything I possessed,my name, my home, all I’d come to hold dear,including the girl who was to be my wife. Now the day has come to take back what’s mine. The girl is no longer a promise I need to protect,but a woman who I plan to devour.Wealth and power are in my blood, andsweet Thalia may very well be my end. Dreams of the Vengeful is the prologue to the Massacred Dreams series, ends in a cliffhanger, and is a dark mafia romance. It contains elements that may be triggering to some readers. Read more