• Paranormal

    The Vampyre’s Encounter: (The Bloods Passion Saga Book 0)

    On this day, I am to become Sebastian of Orias, favorite son to the Coven of Vampyres, where I will take my rightful place as mate to Anastacia, princess of the kingdom of Varinia. Since birth, I knew my life was predestined, and I never questioned that fact. However, everything changed the day I saw her. Kyra was her name. The beautiful pink hair that wove down her back, coupled with the scent of her human blood, drove me mad with desire. Humans and vampyres were expressly forbidden from contact, except during the time of the Offering. Nevertheless, I chose to break those rules. I had to find out who she was regardless of the dangers that may unfold. The bloods passion was calling to me. And no longer would I ignore that voice—laws be damned. Note:This book includes the PREQUEL to the BLOODS PASSION SAGA told from Sebastian’s perspective. If you wish to learn more about the series than continue in reading COURTING MOON (THE BLOODS PASSION SAGA BOOK 1). Includes first four chapters of Courting Moon. Bonus Material Short Stories1. First Encounter: The Short First Romance of Anastacia & Alessandro2. Coven’s Blood: Markandeyi’s Rise to Power