• Young Adult

    A rose should be red : Part 2 – Confessions

    Not all are who they seem, and not everyone can survive this deadly mystery…  All Jenny Brown wants is a normal and easy life. And all Tyler wants is Jenny. If only she could forget her past and show him how she really feels…If only things were that easy.You see, someone else wants Jenny. Someone with evil on his mind. Someone who played a significant rule in the past she’s trying to forget.This sinister guy has returned from the dead to haunt her, and nothing will stop him from getting Jenny. First, it’s the creepy messages, then the threats, next he’s terrorising her friends, and now he’s hurting those closest to her. And his deadly cat and mouse nightmare is just beginning. • How far will this psychopath go to make Jenny his own?• Can Jenny actually trust anyone?• Can Tyler’s love heal her deep pain? Find out all this and much more in this gripping YA murder mystery novel that will keep you guessing until the very last page. Read more
  • Young Adult

    A rose should be red: Part 1 – Secrets

    A bittersweet kiss, followed by a sorrowful confession, “Everything I did was meant to keep you safe….” Almost overnight, Jenny Brown’s everyday life is turned upside down. Her father dies suddenly. Her mother uproots them both and brings them to London to live in the hopes of getting her life back to normal. Yet, despite her present chaos, Jenny is still haunted by her dark past and weighed down by the suffering throughout her life. A broken girl, it’s hard for her to let anyone new into her life or get close to anyone. But then Jenny’s tough persona is put to the test when she meets Tyler Williams. A kind and handsome gentleman with deep blue eyes that bring back emotions she thought were long gone. Her fearful and cautious nature around men is challenged as he helps Jenny and her mum settle into their new place. Meanwhile, strange things keep happening. A mysterious boy she can’t remember. A missing best friend. And worst of all, someone is watching her. By the time Jenny realizes that she is caught in the middle of a dangerous game.And now, it might be too late to escape it. Scroll up to click buy now and discover the secret of A rose should be red! Read more