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    The Sword of Tyre (The Conquest of Grellbain Book 1)

    “The Sword of Tyre” is the first book of a Trilogy called The Conquest of Grellbain. In this book we are introduced to Timar, a young Ekädi hunter. The Ekädi are a race of scavengers that live deep in the heart of the Ruegol forest. They are stronger than their human counterparts and have the unique abilities of blending into their environment and traveling through the treetops. Their peaceful existence is interrupted by the appearance of some reptilian warriors that arrive from across the sea. Leading these creatures is Lord Vengru, a ruthless General that sets out to take his revenge on Grellbain, the largest fortified city in the world. In order to gain the power he requires, he enlists the help of a witch that uses dark sorcery to show him that in order to attain his goal of destroying Grellbain, he must seek out a weapon called The Sword of Tyre. This enchanted blade would grant him eternal life and the strength necessary to destroy any that might resist him. Soon Vengru and Timar are engaged in an ultimate race, the result deciding the fate of the world and all humanity. Read more