• Historical Fiction

    Meeting a Duke at Moonlight (A Lady’s Dream Series, Prequel): A Historical Regency Romance Novel

    They were worlds apart, but an island in moonlight brought them together. Katherine Rowley is the governor’s daughter on the Caribbean island of West Tainos, and her desire for a London Season has not dimmed, despite her father’s refusal. No one that interesting ever comes to West Tainos. But the handsome Lord Barrington is still here, living just next door. He is rather smug or used to be, and Katherine finds herself spending more and more time with him. She knows she’s risking a lot, but she can’t help riding to meet him in the moonlight. There is just something about him that makes her want to see him again and again. It’s simply too bad that he’ll be leaving soon for England once more. Lord Edward Barrington, a duke, has enjoyed his island respite more than he thought he would. It was all about business, but now the lovely, brown-eyed Miss Rowley has been turning his head, and business has begun to dim in importance. Meeting at moonlight seems like a good idea despite the risk, and yet in his heart, he knows that he will have to break hers. And soon. *If you are keen on reading Regency romances then “Meeting a Duke at Moonlight” is a perfect fit for you! It’s a historical Regency romance novel, the prequel of the series “A Lady’s Dream”. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a sweet happily ever after. Read more