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    The Great Journey of a Porcupine who loved to talk to himself. (The Paws that built The Land of the Beasts. Book 2)

    Which of the animals adapted to the difficulties of travel more than others? Strong bear? Deft cougar? Furious hyena or smart chimpanzee?What about a Porcupine? He can find food wherever there is vegetation because he is an herbivore. He is protected from predators, thanks to needles. Who could threaten him? He is the perfect traveler. He can even decide that he is unstoppable.The hero of "the Great Journey" decided just that, and for a long time, he will be like that until he meets something stronger than him. His self-confidence leads him to place there is no food, where his needles will not help him. What will help him there?It will be perseverance and positive inner dialogue. The hero of the book learns that perseverance and self-confidence go together, holding hands. As one good author wrote, "It’s dangerous – going out your front door." Yes, it is so. Challenge yourself! Walk along the path with the porcupine named Roig, and you will learn what it means to be unstoppable.And even if something in this story seems implausible to you, after the main story, you will find a chapter with skipped episodes. The scenes that the hero did not see during the journey, but that others saw. And then much will become clearer. Open the book now and go to the Land of the Beasts. Become a companion to a young porcupine, sometimes naive in his courage. And come back, knowing that everything is possible. That nothing will stop you!