• Horror

    New Winslow: The Complete First Season

    “You know, people don’t exactly need a reason to stay in New Winslow.”     The town of New Winslow is a small community in the grip of a strange curse. While life tends to go on as normal, residents or visitors will occasionally find themselves unable to move past the town limits. You never when it’ll hit you or how long it will last. But the rent is cheap and the people are nice. So if you can ignore the occasional paranormal phenomenon, New Winslow is a great place to live. Part One begins when an impulsive promise and family obligations bring two friends back to New Winslow years after they left. Meanwhile, the town psychic looks for answers, the lone bartender quietly mourns, a young mother tries to hold things together, and the pizzeria owner just wants to be left in peace. As all their stories come together, mysteries are pursued, long-buried feelings resurface, and, as always, life carries on. New Winslow is a series filled with found family, slow-burn romance, and thirty-somethings trying to get their lives together. Originally published on Patreon, New Winslow: The Complete First Season includes all 39 episodes originally released for free and with Patreon support. This edition also contains ebook-exclusive bonus content, including deleted scenes and a sneak peek at Season Two!