• Paranormal

    Graced: The Graced Series

    Enter the world of the Graced – where LJ Smith’s Nightworld series meets Anne Bishop’s The Others in a clash of power and secrets. In a family of psychics, Elle Brown is a failure and she’s just fine by it. Especially since being gifted means being a target, and Elle has enough on her plate trying to keep her little sister safe from the surrounding vampires and shifters. Clay is a shape-shifter who was just meant to be passing through town. But when the enigmatic Elle Brown crosses his path, he’s unable to turn away; even though pursuing Elle could result in a death sentence – for the both of them. Be prepared for the sparks to fly in this plot driven forbidden romance! Graced is an urban fantasy and paranormal romance genre-merge that provides a whole new spin on the vampire and werewolf legend. Each book in the Graced Series is a standalone romance and features new aspects of the larger Graced world, but it is recommended the books are read in order, for the best reading experience. Series in progress:GracedCaptiveSurvivorBittenAshesFreedomChosen (release date TBC) Read more