• Young Adult

    The King’s Feather: a Fantasy Adventure Book for Teens

    In “Rescue Mom,” Pero Moshe faces the challenge of finding her missing mother and dealing with her prophesied power, all while avoiding falling in love. Transported to an older universe, Pero must navigate a wild adventure involving a cute bodyguard, a corrupt doctor, and difficult choices, all in the pursuit of reuniting with her mom. But as Moon City’s walls crumble, Pero must decide between forgiveness and escaping with her loved ones, each with its own high cost.
  • Young Adult

    Forbidden Reign: a Fantasy Adventure Book

    Step into the world of “Rescue Mom,” where Pero Moshe discovers a mysterious prophecy and a voice singing from the underground tunnels of Beijing’s palace. Trapped in the Forbidden City with Dr. Carper, Pero must uncover the truth of her past, navigate government threats, and decide what matters most in a desperate fight to restore Elohim’s kingdom. Will she choose to save those she loves or the ones she’s learning to forgive?