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    A.S.K. God: How to Find Your Kingdom Purpose and Serve the World with Your Gifts!

    Have you ever felt like you don’t have anything to offer the world? Has your mistakes, life experiences, or relationships distract you from going after your purpose? No fear my love, I am here to bring you some good news! God gives us all an assignment to do here no matter what. It is up to us to find out what God put on the inside and walk in that truth. When you walk in your God given purpose, you will discover a continuous overflow of abundance and real joy in your life.In this book you will learn how to discover your calling, your gifts, and the purpose you never thought you had. You will learn how to use your gifts to serve others while setting up wealth streams. You will learn how to do what you love and still be in alignment with God’s will. If you have a gnawing feeling in your belly that there is more to life than this, then you have landed at the right book. It is God’s perfect will for you to answer the call, walk it out, and win! Read more