• Horror

    What Goes On In The Walls At Night

    Winner: 2018 Red City Review Book Award (Fantasy) “★★★★★ Schrader’s writing does much more than amuse. He urges us to acknowledge that while life is mind-boggling and frightening beyond belief, it’s also fascinating as hell. Schrader has proven that even some of our nightmares are worth remembering.” — Red City Reviews Featured on the Reddit No Sleep Podcast, What Goes On in the Walls at Night is a twisted and shocking collection of tales from the borders of reality. Satisfy your craving for the odd and unexpected with stories of building-eating children, pants-grabbing TSA agents, and nature-devouring machines. Sit back, strap in, and let this powerful collection of interesting and other-worldly adventures take you away. If you like Black Mirror and stories with delightfully disturbing endings, you’ll love What Goes on in the Walls at Night. Download or buy it on paperback today.