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    Becky and Bo

    “Becky and Bo” is a heartwarming children’s picture book that celebrates the special bond between a shy girl and her beloved pet, while also teaching a valuable lesson about love and loyalty. With charming humor and delightful storytelling, this book is sure to become a beloved favorite, perfect for gifting on special occasions. Order your copy now and discover the magic of “Becky and Bo.”
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    The Butterfly in the Meadow

    Discover a true gem in, ‘The Butterfly in the Meadow.’‘The Butterfly in the Meadow’, is Brisbane writer and comedian, Angela Greensill’s, debut children’s book. Angela is an exciting new voice in children’s literature. Beautifully illustrated using the latest digital technology, ‘The Butterfly in the Meadow’, explores the weird and the wonderful, making learning fun. It takes the unusual fact that butterflies taste with their feet and has fun with it. A funny and engaging tale that will become a favourite. Your child will ask for, ‘The Butterfly in the Meadow’ again and again, and sometimes, that will be a good thing. Don’t miss out. Order your copy today and discover the true gem that is, ‘The Butterfly in the Meadow’. Angela has a psychology degree and over a decades experience in the human services sector, with the bulk of her work experience being in Darwin. In more recent years though she has been working as a freelance writer and stand up comedian. Angela first started writing funny little stories for her niece but soon realised there was a bigger audience for her stories. Angela’s main objective as a debut author is for children to laugh while they learn. Angela grew up on a farm in regional Queensland and this experience flavours her writing for a unique storytelling experience. Read more