• Paranormal

    Shifter’s Choice: A Norcal Shifters novella

    Who needs a band of brothers when you can form a pack of shifters? Captain Bryce Renault filled his Delta Force team with the deadliest wolves on the Army’s payroll. Each member loved their country, but Uncle Sam wasn’t ready for the truth. Thirty freaking days was all that stood between him and freedom—until he met her. 1st Lieutenant Candace Murphy is one of the newest members of the Night Stalkers, a high-speed combat ready helicopter squadron. From her first G.I. Joe, she knew she wanted to be an Army pilot. After sacrificing everything to get there, nothing would stand in her way. Except she didn’t foresee colliding with six feet of sex on a stick. If you delight in headstrong women and sexy men who love a challenge, then you’ll love Annalise Nixon’s Shifter’s Choice. It’s a stand-alone novella in the Norcal Shifters series. *****This story was previously published in the Moonlight Magic Anthology****** Read more