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    The Mice Before Christmas: A Mouse House Tale of the Night Before Christmas

    A TOP 100 BESTSELLER IN THESE KINDLE CATEGORIES (NOV. 2021)Children’s Christmas BooksChildren’s Mice And Small Animal StoriesChildren’s Poetry Everyone knows that famous line from “The Night Before Christmas,” Clement Clarke Moore’s classic poem: “Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” But how many know why all those mice were already in bed, or what they were up to before that? Here at last is a companion poem to reveal all: The holiday hustle and bustle in the mouse house since early that morning. The evening party for all the mouse friends and relations, with presents, feasting, and dancing. And to top it all off, a visit from Santa Mouse himself! Never before told, this mice-eye story is sure to find a place in your heart beside the original classic. ///////////////////////////////////////////// Anne L. Watson is the author/illustrator of “Katie Mouse and the Perfect Wedding,” “Katie Mouse and the Christmas Door,” “The Secret of Gingerbread Village,” and other children’s books, as well as the author of numerous craft books and novels for adults. She lives in Bellingham, Washington, with her husband and fellow author, Aaron Shepard. Wendy Edelson is the award-winning illustrator of “The Baker’s Dozen,” “Quackling,” “Christmas Truce,” “Which Shoes Do You Choose?”, and many more children’s books. She has applied her talent to a wide range of illustration projects, including picture books, pet portraits, posters, and puzzles. Among her clients have been Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, the Seattle Aquarium, Pacific Northwest Ballet, the U.S. Postal Service, Cricket Magazine, McGraw-Hill Education, and the American Library Association. ///////////////////////////////////////////// REVIEWER COMMENTS FROM NETGALLEY AND MORE “A new classic.” ~ “A perfect gift for Christmas.” ~ “The start of a new Christmas tradition.” ~ “Will be a staple at our house for many more Christmas holidays.” ~ “I cannot wait to give this to all my friends with children of all ages as a gift this year.” ~ “A total delight.” ~ “This gem is destined to become a beloved holiday favorite!” ~ “The kids loved it AND the adults loved it too.” ~ “Fantastic tale.” ~ “I will be sure to share this one with all my students for the holidays.” ~ “Sure to be a classic.” ~ “Brilliant.” ~ “I really don’t think there is an age group who won’t love this.” ~ “Even my grumpy old neighbour smiled.” ~ “This book blew me away!” ~ “An absolute must for libraries.” ~ “Will give you a warm Christmas glow.” ~ “Will become a cherished family tradition.” ~ “Wonderful!!! Simply wonderful!!!” ~ “A beautiful gift for anyone at Christmastime.” ~ “A must-have to be enjoyed by adults and children alike.” ~ “A Christmas delight.” ~ “Has the most vividly colorful and highly detailed illustrations I’ve seen.” ~ “Recommend this one for families, libraries, and even schools.” ~ “Highly highly recommend!” ~ “Clever and adorable.” ~ “We always read “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve, and now we will be adding this book to that tradition!!!” ~ “Wonderful wonderful!” ~ “Great spin on a classic!” ~ “Pure Christmas joy.” ~ “A book to be brought out on Christmas Eve, year after year.” ~ “A new children’s classic.” ~ “A perfect readaloud for the holiday season.” ~ “Should find its way into homes and school libraries for years to come.” ~ “A new favorite.” ~ “I was completely enchanted.” ~ “Perfect and beautifully executed.” ~ “Would keep children of many ages entertained for hours.” ~ “A fantastic companion to the original poem.” ~ “Captures the essence of what makes Christmas so special.” ~ “A classic in its own right.” ~ “Enchanting, cozy, and just very, very sweet.” ~ “You have to read it to understand the magic of ‘The Mice Before Christmas.'” Read more