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    Air Fryer Cookbook: Easy, delicious recipes for friends and family (including desserts, snacks & more)

    So much for french fries without oil…!!!These are just the beginning of a great love for uncomplicated cooking, roasting and baking. The hot air fryer – in the truest sense of the word! It puts an end to fat-sopping calorie bombs, because you can actually conjure up crispy, delicious, aromatic and finely cooked food in it with just a hint of oil. It is the all-time, all-purpose device that you will soon no longer want to be without in your kitchen! The uncomplicated cooking, baking and roasting is not only fun, but also makes your everyday cooking easier. You will be inspired to use all the possibilities that the special and well thought-out technology offers, both for unusual delicacies and for home cooking. Numerous other recipes for delicacies from savory to sweet are waiting to be discovered and tried by you in this XXL cookbook. Read through a few recipes and choose what sounds the best to start. As you work with the air fryer, we are certain it will become one of your favorite kitchen tools. Let’s get started. Read more