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    BENJAMIN JONES: The Call of The Shaman

    “Harry Potter” meets “Cirque du Freak” Is Darkness Falling upon The Face of The Earth?? When Ben meets Adit, a spiritual author and guru, he starts on an adventure to find out his shamanic roots, his magic, and his link to a wicked necromancer. This epic story begins about 5000 years ago, in Sumeria, as they came from outer space. Ancient gods, ascended masters, beings of light, above all war and fear. Ben, a 12-year-old orphan boy, born in the 1890s, must discover himself, what happened to his parents, his shamanic powers and legacy. He might be the reincarnation of an ancient demigod, a Wolf Boy hero emerging from ancient Sumer (Sumeria). But what is really the connection he has with the gods…?? That is the mystery to uncover here. And this quest won’t be easy, because there will be dark forces, ghouls, necro creatures, curses, and much more against him. -The Call of The Shaman is a coming-of-age, unique and spiritual fantasy journey, it brings some insights and moral guidance to the reader. This author always liked the worlds of ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Percy Jackson,’ so it is written in that adventure style; however, the narrative and story centers not only on the events but mainly on the emotional journey of the 12-year-old shaman boy. Filled with Action, Humor, Intrigue, and Heart. Warning: some readers may find some scenes scary or disturbing while the clash of good vs. evil happens. Praise for the Benjamin Jones series: “Probably my favorite type of fantasy is that which incorporates real-life spiritual/religious beliefs into its own lore. Another thing I love is alternate history, and Benjamin Jones’ story has both!” ~ Sahreth Bowden. “I found myself completely invested in the characters. Perhaps the most compelling thing for me is how I can connect emotionally with the character’s very plight. You got to read this story!” ~ Marlow Reads. “I got attached with the story easily. Story line is very good. Lots of things to learn. Author Asa Rodriguez has written very good life quotes on True Love. The story is very much inspiring. I recommend this book to youngsters and adults as well.” ~ Ashish Jain. “A rush of adrenaline. Filled with tension and heroic quest. The author has an excellent writing style. This is one great series!” ~ A. King. “A great book. Fellowship, ghouls and the quest to find one’s true self. I can’t wait to read Author Asa Rodriguez other books in the series. An indie author to follow!!” ~ TC Lovejoy. “Wow! This story had me on the edge of my seat. The mystery. The heartbreak. The joy. The perilous journey. I compare this to ‘Percy Jackson’ and to ‘The Lord of The Rings’. You have to read it!” ~ Ada Roberts. Read more