• Historical Fiction

    Texas Ranger 1: Western Fiction Adventure (Capt. Bates)

    Texas Ranger Rowdy Bates rode with Captain Ridge Creek for the better part of his youth, right up until his own commission to captain, first in Laredo then in San Antonio and finally back to take over the Laredo post. Bates did as he was ordered but never could shake the fact that his friend and mentor had disappeared off the face of the earth, leaving little behind but rumors and gossip. Bates finally obeyed his feelings, took a leave of absence, and followed the sightings and rumors of his old boss’s travels, heading north to Kansas, Wyoming then to Deadwood in the Dakota Territories, seeking out the truth of what happened to his dear friend…wishing against all the odds that the captain was still alive…and if he wasn’t, then learning where he died and was buried.