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    Baking Bread in a Roman Clay Pot: 100 Recipes for Delicious Breads for Beginners and Advanced Users

    Make fresh bread yourself with the help of a Roman clay pot without any problems, just like from the bakery! Ohh, how it smells, freshly baked bread from the bakery. With a Roman clay pot this is just as possible,. Just mix a few ingredients together and the fresh bread is already on our plate. It can be that easy if you know how it works. This recipe book is for you if you … -have a clay pot but don’t know exactly how to use it-constantly failing to bake bread and something goes wrong-want to bake bread more often in the future-are looking for new recipes-Want to enrich your loved ones and yourself with fresh and delicious bread Baking and cooking with a clay pot was a tradition among the Romans and is still popular today for a reason. The advantages of a clay pot are simply. On the one hand, it offers the perfect conditions to make your bread crispy and juicy on the inside and it is also ideal for storing bread, as the natural material is very breathable and thus prevents mold formation. Among other things, you get … Introduction to the correct use of the clay potthe right choice of ingredients for the perfect breadTips and Trickscommon mistakeslarge selection of 100 recipes With this book, you will be able to bake your own fresh and delicious bread without any help from the baker. The book will introduce you to clay pot baking and to pass on my best recipes to you. If you want to bake together with me in the future, you can easily purchase my book by clicking on the “Buy now” button and prepare your first bread in a clay pot in the next few days.