• Young Adult

    The Blade in the Deeps

    Under the towering peaks of the Labyrinth Mountains, deep within the serpentine caves of the Havens, light is the only wealth that counts. And for those without inherited privilege or power, the sky is a myth and the sun a god that turned its face away from their poverty. In the darkest corners of the Havens’ civilization, creatures of blue radiance called sinileva grow at the edge of cavern pools. These simple lifeforms are the only light that can touch the darkness of the Deeps and the people that dwell there. Yet even this light has fallen under the control of the Ydin city nobility. Fiiri, a young boy from the Deeps along the outskirts of Ydin, is ready to leave his life of pools and caverns behind to become a Guardian. But with the death of his father, he has inherited a sinileva pool that was never meant to be his. Now, he must choose between who he wants to be, and who he needs to be. All his life, he had dreamed of becoming a Guardian, learning to harness powers that would take him out of this world of darkness. Yet how can he take that path alone while so many need a Guardian who is willing to do more than simply escape? Read more