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    In the middle a motorcycle club shootout, with bullets chasing our lives and dead bodies hitting the floor, I knew when I snatched her off the floor, that her soul was tied to mine… What’s was supposed to be a routine run, turned into mayhem and murder that shook our club at it very core. It’s like anytime I find a sliver of light the darkness comes and pulls me back in to a deeper, darker, uglier hell than the last one. This is by far the most painful hell I’ve endured,My family broken, my club under attack and my reputation ruined. But this time, I have an Angel with me. Amidst all this chaos, when I’m with her I feel at peace.She’s has the love that I need, and that body has me in heat. I got it bad! But it’s more than just her body, I want to heal her pain and protect her from the dangers that haunt her. The way she seduces me with her eyes, I know what she wants. But then I learn the truth… I must protect her, but her love is forbidden… This MC Romance age gap novella is the prequel for the Dark Angels MC. “Forbidden Chaos” an age gap MC romance and the prequel for the“Dark Angels MC” series. Read more