• Romance

    Chef’s Favorite: A Curvy Girl Steamy Alpha Romance (Evergreen Hotel Series Book 1)

    Emily is about to spend the next four months at the elite Evergreen Lake Hotel and Resort. The sentiment at the hotel is, people who think they’re rich and powerful go to Aspen, while the people who are rich and powerful go to Evergreen Lake. But Emily won’t be staying there as a guest; she’s the brand new housekeeper. Evergreen Lake is a sprawling complex in the mountains of Colorado with no less than 240 suites, a ski lodge, 3 ski slopes, and an outdoor skating rink. Every staff member is signed up for a four-month stint where they’ll live and work at the hotel for the entire winter season. Emily thinks she’s just there to work, but the other housekeepers have plans for their nubile friend. The ruggedly handsome sous-chef Luke just got his heart broken by Beth, the same girl Emily is replacing at the hotel. Through a little scheming by the housekeeping staff, Emily finds herself alone at The Silver Spring with Luke. Both Emily and Luke are very attracted to each other, but neither one of them knows it. Can Emily overcome her shyness and introverted nature to express her desires for Luke? Can Luke get over the love of his life Beth and open himself up to the new girl? Chef’s Favorite is the first book in the Evergreen Hotel Romance Series about the lives and romances of the staff of the Evergreen Lake Hotel and Resort. The hotel is a world unto itself, filled with all the drama and gossip of a small town. Every night is a party for the staff who work hard and play even harder. If they’re going to survive the grind, they’ll have to rely on each other and their explosive new romances.