• Nonfiction

    The DBT Anger Management Workbook

    Unlock a proven path to anger management and master your emotions with this powerful DBT workbook for personal growth. Jam-packed with practical exercises and worksheets, personal anecdotes, and deeply authentic advice, this comprehensive DBT workbook seeks to empower readers of all backgrounds to overcome anger, master their emotions, and unlock an inner source of zen and mindfulness. So, are you ready to begin your journey to overcoming anger? Then grab your copy today!
  • Young Adult

    DBT Workbook For Teens

    Crafted with a warm and friendly tone, this practical book explores the proven benefits of Dialectal Behavior Therapy and how we can best equip today’s youth with the emotional tools to achieve balance, stability and wellness in their lives. Drawing on psychological insights, user-friendly advice, and fun worksheets, the DBT Workbook for Teens provides parents and teens with an invaluable tool for personal and emotional growth. Are you ready to help your teen thrive? Then grab your copy today!