• Horror

    Fine Lines (Deadly Dreams Book 1)

    NO WAITING! Complete Series! Shay Baynes is living her dream…until it turns into a nightmare from Hell itself. Shay’s highly successful comic series, Sanguine Specter, holds a secret…it’s based on her nightmares. Finally she’s able to feel something other than the crippling numbness after the death of her sister…and her fiancé dumping her. She’s riding high on her success when the gruesome tales in her comics suddenly become horrendous reality. The Deadly Dreams series is the perfect blend of urban fantasy, paranormal suspense with a twist of horror mixed in for good measure…add in a disastrous romance and you embark on a wild ride of twisted dark fantasy. You won’t be able to tear yourself from the pages as Shay transforms from a young woman who’s in need of help…to one who is strong, confident and has more power than anyone would ever have imagined. Fans of Olivia Hawker and Jim Butcher will be ready to snatch up this fast-paced and action-packed fantasy horror series and binge read it from start to finish. ★★★★★“It explodes into the most exhilarating, pulse pounding, breath taking, heart breaking, scandalizing, scary as Hell, no holds barred love that completely shatters and leaves you unnerved for days. That, is this book. It is THAT amazing!” ~ZombieMommi **This book contains adult language and situations****Clifhanger warning, but the series is complete.*** ​Fine Lines (Deadly Dreams Book #1) Vanishing Point (Deadly Dreams Book 2) Abstraction (Deadly Dreams Book 3) Darken (Deadly Dreams Book 4)Bold Strokes (Deadly Dreams Book 5) Read more