• Young Adult

    Forged in the Fallout (Rimduum Book 1)

    Clayson Spangler navigates the wreckage of a strange underground world threatened by nuclear magic and his family’s secrets. I turned fourteen a couple of days ago—maybe. Dad keeps the exact date under a mountain of secrets. On a tranquil evening in the Appalachians, my solitary life crashes into Dad’s impossible past: a kingdom under the Rocky Mountains; his wife enchanted to forget her own son; strange metal objects filled with magic; and Dad’s most dangerous secret—mithrium—a metal strong enough to level cities. Now, Dad is on the run, Mom is on trial for treason, and I’m ordered to hide in the last remaining safehold—Tungsten City. To stay out of danger, I’ll need help from my new mentor, Rugnus, a master of the elements, and Andalynn, the sister Dad kept hidden from me. After years of secrets, I won’t stand by as a world of enemies—both known and unknown—threatens to eradicate my family and ignite a war between the last two cities deep under the Rockies in the Kingdom of Rimduum. Order now to enter this immersive world! Critical ReviewsRachel Rener – Author of Inked “Forged in the Fallout is an immersive, imaginative, and innovative genre-bender of a book. If Mistborn and Minecraft had a cyberpunk LitRPG baby – this would be it. I highly recommend RIMDUUM to anyone who’s looking to get lost in a lush, limitless world that blends ancient magic with innovative tech.” Midwest Book Review“The Kingdom of Rimduum and its people come to life with adventures and action that keep all ages on edge and looking for more.” Reader Reviews“I LOVE this book! If there was a way to give more than 5 stars, I would. From the very first page, you are sucked into this world and it does not want to let you go – in the best way possible. The world-building is superb and the characters are so realistic!” “I’m recommending this book to friends and family (which I rarely do) and I am a full-on fan.” “This book is imaginative with so many things to easily visualize with the vivid descriptions the author writes so well. A full-fledged movie was playing in my head as I read this book.” Read more