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    Over the Bridge of Light: A light-hearted children’s fantasy tale with a message

    ‘This is a special place, Zeke – a magical place. And if anything can sort out the situation with your mum, it’s magic.’ After an argument with his mum, Zeke steps through his bedroom wall and finds the bridge of light. It leads him to a land of talking creatures, strange vehicles, singing sunflowers and flying biscuits. But there are dangers in this magical land, too. Will Zeke’s new friends be able to help him sort things out with his mum? And can Zeke behave himself for long enough to avoid an encounter with the angry monster librarian or the terrifying witch of Lonely Edge? A children’s adventure story set in a magical fantasy world Over the Bridge of Light has been described by readers as a light, humorous fantasy tale with a message to it. Readers say: ‘I love the mystery behind the characters and the way all the characters subtly change throughout the story.’ ‘The lesson was woven throughout without being overt. The ending was satisfying and exceeded my expectations.’ ‘I really liked reading Over the Bridge of Light, because it was so original, and the whole story is really intriguing.’ Join the adventure today: order now with one click, in print or Kindle.