• Young Adult

    Stormer’s Pass

    If you can’t wait for a hero, you must become one. The sleepy town of Pinecrest is jolted from its slumbers by two unlikely citizens—star high school quarterback Max Stormer and Aidos, an extraordinary girl who has been living unobserved in the surrounding hills. Aidos opens Max’s eyes to the potential he didn’t know he possessed, putting them on a collision course with Pinecrest’s establishment and their ambitious plans. The resulting clash mystifies the entire country, and Max soon finds himself captain of something much bigger than a football team. Whether maverick or hero, outlaw or savior, being a champion was never harder. Stormer’s Pass is the enthralling adventure of two people’s uncommon faith in each other, their friends, and in the miracle-making magic of courage. *Extra deal!* For the duration of this giveaway, you can pick up Say Uncle, the fun and exciting sequel to Stormer’s Pass for just 99¢. That’s two great reads for a buck (regularly $9.98.) Take advantage of this rare chance today! Read more