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    Calm Down!: Step-by-step to a Calm, Relaxed, and Brilliant Family Dog

    Is your dog driving you mad? Learn how to      • find your dog’s off-switch      • enjoy a calm visit to a cafe or pub      • reach your dog’s mind without losing yours      • enjoy your dog again! Instead of saying “This is what you do,” then leaving you to it, Beverley takes you by the hand and troubleshoots all the games so that you can get them absolutely right. And the joy is that this is all achieved without shouting, force, or intimidation. Just pure undiluted fun! There’s no strange jargon, no “Thou shalt not’s”, and every time you get stuck, another solution pops up. Her years of experience in face-to-face classes as well as her online programs shine through. Having taught thousands of new owners how to work with their puppies and dogs – entirely without force – Beverley knows just what you’re up against! Get Book 1 in the series of Essential Skills for a Brilliant Family Dog and learn how to get what you want from your dog, as it sends him off to sleep for you – zzzzzz!