• Paranormal

    Lone Wolf: Tales of the Were (Were-Fey Love Story Book 1)

    She’s a holy woman. He’s a holy terror. Josh is a werewolf who suddenly has extra, unexpected, and totally untrained powers. He’s not happy about it – or about the evil jackasses who keep attacking him, trying to steal his magic. Forced to seek help, Josh is sent to an unexpected ally for training. Deena is a priestess with more than her share of magical power and a unique ability that has made her a target. She welcomes Josh, seeing a kindred soul in the lone werewolf. She knows she can help him… If they can survive their enemies long enough. Tales of the Were ~ Were-Fey Trilogy consists of:1. Lone Wolf2. Snow Magic3. Midnight Kiss Read more
  • Paranormal

    Hara’s Legacy (Resonance Mates Book 1)

    It’s a serious game of cowboys and aliens when three psychically gifted brothers try to protect the one fragile, empathic woman who holds all their hearts against a menacing alien threat. Montana rancher Caleb O’Hara’s precognitive abilities saved his family from an alien attach that annihilated almost everyone on Earth. Now the aliens have come to study the remnants of humanity. Caleb knows the only way to ensure the safety of his young wife, Janie, and his beloved brothers, Justin and Mick, is to keep the family together on their isolated ranch. All three O’Hara brothers love Jane. They grew up next door to the young, empathic beauty and she stole all their hearts at one time or another, though she married Caleb. Caleb foresees the shocking truth of what they have to do in order to survive, and Caleb’s visions never lie. They’ll have to come to terms with a new world, and an evolving relationship, all while finding a way to protect two newborn babies who are innocent pawns in the aliens’ deadly game. Somehow, this one talented family holds the key for humanity’s survival on this new, conquered world called Earth. Read more
  • Paranormal

    Maiden Flight (Dragon Knights Book 1)

    War is coming for the dragon knights…but love may find them first. A chance meeting with a young male dragon seals the fate of one adventurous female poacher. The dragon’s partner, a ruggedly handsome knight named Gareth, takes one look at the shapely woman and decides to do a little poaching of his own. Sir Gareth both seduces and falls deeply in love with the girl who is not only unafraid of dragons but also possesses a rare gift—she can hear the beasts’ silent speech. He wants her for his mate, but mating with a knight is no simple thing. To accept a knight, a woman must also accept the dragon, the dragon’s mate…and her knight, Lars, too. She is at first shocked, then intrigued by the lusty life in the Lair. But war is in the making and only the knights and dragons have a chance at ending it before it destroys their land and their lives. Note: Contains dragons, their sexy knights and a damsel who is not quite in distress. Sizzling hot m/f/m scenes may leave you breathing fire. The Dragon Knights series consists of: Daughters of the Dragon1. Maiden Flight2. Border Lair3. The Ice Dragon4. Prince of Spies The Novellas5. The Dragon Healer (novella)6. Master at Arms (novella)7 Wings of Change (novella) Sons of Draconia8. FireDrake9. Dragon Storm10. Keeper of the Flame11. Hidden Dragons The Sea Captain’s Daughter Trilogy12. Sea Dragon13. Dragon Fire14. Dragon Mates
  • Paranormal

    King’s Throne: Tales of the Were (String of Fate Book 2)

    Can a lost princess and an injured soldier make a go of it when a false king wants them both dead? A woman living in secret, hiding her true nature… Gina is a doctor in New York City. What nobody knows is that she’s also tiger-shifter royalty, living in exile. Guarding her secret has kept her safe, but all that is about to change. An injured soldier who calls to her heart… Mitch is injured and out of the action. He wakes up in a strange place, with a beautiful woman. Normally, not a problem, but this woman is special. She’s a white tiger and daughter of the lost king. She’s too good for the likes of him, but there’s an undeniable spark of attraction drawing them closer together. A love that will make the earth tremble beneath their feet… When evil challenges, Mitch will fight to keep Gina safe. A harrowing journey to the side of a fiery volcano brings secret knowledge and a power none of them ever expected. Will it be enough to prevail? Only victory will keep his lady safe. And only victory will allow Gina to claim the man she truly loves. The String of Fate series includes:1. Cat’s Cradle2. King’s Throne3. Jacob’s Ladder4. Her Warriors String of Fate is also related to, and a part of, the larger Tales of the Were series. For more great big cat shifter stories set in this world, check out the Redstone Clan set, which includes:– The Purrfect Stranger (novella)1. Grif2. Red3. Magnus4. Bobcat5. Matt