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    Beyond the Edge (Ghosts in the Yew Book 1)

    This novella is part one of Ghosts in the Yew, also available in a collection. A banished prince finds redemption within an ancient kingdom. Barok, a banished prince, awakens an ancient magic. Dia, a wanted maiden, travels across the known world for the one she loves. Leger, a drunken soldier, searches for redemption. Geart, A loyal fool, finds himself a prisoner. β€œThe shifting smoke and embers swirled up and began to take a shape. The savage thing had arms and eyes. I tried to convince myself I was dreaming while another legless being emerged from the next tree.” The past is revealed in this epic fantasy steeped in the mystery of old gods, blood magic, and statecraft. Ignited by redemption and conquest, this journey will test their struggles to survive and will put them at odds with their families, their nation, and the very powers that shaped the world. But, this story is bigger than these things. It’s bigger than all of us. “I love that the heroes are engaged in building community, in contrast to so many fantasy novels that focus on the hero learning to stand alone, despite the cast of thousands supporting him.” – Tina, Goodreads “Ghosts in the Yew presents an interesting take on the battle between good and evil.” – Runaway Pen You can read the trilogy in full volumes, or broken up into five novellas each. The Vestal Series A tale of violent magic, intrigue, and statecraft, the Vesteal Series is the story of four souls that are banished beyond the edge of the map to a land of gnarled forests, ancient magic, and the site of a terrible murder. Their struggles to survive will put them at odds with their families, their nation, and the very powers that shaped the world. 1. Ghosts in the Yew Novella 1 – Beyond the Edge Novella 2 – Opposing Oaths Novella 3 – Reckless Borders Novella 4 – Bayen’s Women Novella 5 – Falling Tides 2. Native Silver Novella 1 – Sutler’s Road Novella 2 – Forgotten Stairs Novella 3 – Thrall’s Wine Novella 4 – Corsair Princess Novella 5 – Tanayon Born 3. The Vastness Novella 1 – Silent Rebellion Novella 2 – The River War Novella 3 – The Blinded Novella 4 – Crimson Valley Novella 5 – Singer’s Reward