• Children's

    Neanderthal: Closing the Circle (Extinction Series Book 2)

    Following the great battle between poachers and rangers at the famous Pleistocene Park, Ryan and Dr. Lauren Shepherd begin their dangerous quest to find the truth. Dr. Shepherd searches for a cure for the mammoth’s mysterious illnesses and what she discovers is both unexpected and alarming. Ryan sets out to the frozen north to try and find out what happened to his friend and fellow ranger, Luca. Has his story ended, or is there more to tell? Though all is not what it seems at the park. A group of Neanderthals, the result of one the park’s more sinister projects, remains hidden in a valley far to the north. Though their fate and that of the rangers seem to be entwined as they set off to the south to find out truths of their own. What will become of this remarkable and powerful archaic species of humans? Will they be confined like animals in a zoo, exploited for money and power, or will they be able to forge their own path through their uncertain future? What will become of the rangers once they get pulled deeper into the secrets of the mysterious Dr George Church? And what terrible new creation is he so very close to completing? Read more
  • Children's

    Mammoth: Protecting The Herd (Extinction Series Book 1)

    In the near future, great woolly mammoths, revived through cutting edge genetic engineering, roam freely in the vast Siberian tundra. Ryan, Luca and Dr. Lauren Shepherd are employees of the famous Pleistocene Park. They have been tasked with caring for and protecting the magnificent beasts that rule the massive park. When deadly poachers threaten to destroy the rare animals for nothing more than profit, the brave park rangers put their own lives at risk to save the mammoths. The stakes are raised when the team introduces a new, and exceptional mammoth into the park, one that is a true marvel of science. The mysterious and dangerous Mr. Smith soon joins with the poachers and plans to take much more than just valuable game. Will the unlikely team of three be able to save the animals as well as the park, or are the dangers and secrets hidden there much more than they can endure? Read more