• Historical Fiction

    Copperhead Road: A Canadian Western Novel

    “The author doesn’t spend much time away from the suspense and action of the story, keeping you submerged in the novel, turning page after page wondering what excitement is going to happen next…Enns continues to prove that he is one of the bright, up and coming Canadian writers with every novel that he releases. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel, and look forward to his next release.” -Goodreads reviewer 1920. Life was simple for Billy Bronson. Living in the country outside of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, he and his father Frank were secluded and happily reclusive. Fishing, hunting, and farming were enough to keep Billy satisfied. That is until a hideous man named Clayton and his young partner murdered his father and torched his home to the dirt over a territorial moonshining dispute. Capone isn’t a name the folks fear. It’s Sinclair. After the prohibition, under the roof of his neighbors, the Campbell’s, Billy works almost hard enough to forget. But when Frank Bronson’s killer stops at their farm in need of gas, Billy must face his harrowing past. With his identity unknown to the entire Sinclair organization, he investigates their illegal operations with hopes of finding his way to the man they call Sinclair and the truths he holds. Revenge might be just down the road. Question is, where is this road? Read more
  • Horror

    Islanders: A gripping supernatural thriller with a shocking twist

    Two young couples escape their high-paced New York lifestyles for a quick getaway to an island off of Belize. Upon arriving they learn that their vacation will involve more than wasting the days away on the beach. The owner, Stefan, is a wealthy son of a financial guru, and a cousin to one of the guests. As part of his entertainment, he informs the group that they will be attempting to discover the identities of mercenaries from the 1800s that stormed the island and killed “The Royal Family” who had been abolished from Mainland by the Crown. When one of the four vacationers goes missing, they realize that the island may have more to offer than a cute mystery and tropical fun. Is the game only a game? Can they leave the island?