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    Sam and Jack: the Hag

    Magic, monsters, misery and mysteries. All part of growing up. Sam doesn’t like talking about her mother’s death. Jack, her best friend, is the only one who tries to avoid bringing it up. He figures that it would be weird if he did. They’re local monster hunters, so they try to avoid talking about death in general. The two of them routinely deal with magical creatures, working odd jobs to fill the role left by Samantha’s murdered mother. Samantha Croft is the daughter of a blacksmith. Her pastimes include hitting things, making money, and figuring out how to do both at the same time. Jack Blair is her neighbor, and the youngest son of a sorcerer. He is a short, cautious know-it-all that secretly enjoys doing the same things as Samantha. This pair regularly argue, solve magical problems, and try to survive their daily activities. Everything is progressing (as well as they could) until a royal family is forced to enlist them as teenagers. Unfortunately, even with years of experience, their training never prepared them for horrific creatures summoned with necromancy. With this looming threat, their families are forced to actually deal with their long-standing problems. As it turns out, battling the dark forces of an ancient evil requires a lot of open communication. Recommendations: For fans of Gravity Falls, Harry Potter and the Dresden Files. Praise for Sam and Jack: The Hag-I THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading this. Getting to know these characters was a blast and their dilemmas were rather heartfelt. Can’t recommend it enough! –Deborah Reed. Pre-sale Reviewer ★★★★★ Read more