• Children's

    Unsettled Things: a Pameroy Mystery in Kentucky

    Travel with Lillia Pameroy as she solves a mystery in every state! First stop…a houseboat on Kentucky Lake. Bizarre happenings begin within hours of Lillia’s arrival. A ghostly spirit reaches out to her. What does this mysterious lady in white want? Soon Lillia and her new friend Zoe are swept up in a quest to solve the mystery of the haunting spirit. From an abandoned family graveyard to a treasured old doll, Lillia must use her paranormal powers to pull all the clues together. Readers will witness the power of love as Lillia travels back in time to discover the truth about the lady in white. But will she be in time to help her? The Pameroy Mystery series continues to grow and provide entertainment for all ages! Each book is set in a different state and uses history woven through with the mystery, to keep readers coming back for more. Read more