• Young Adult

    Breach (Destiny)

    When legends come to life, so do the monsters. . .  What is the Council hiding? After they divulge an ancient legend, Aiken can’t shake the feeling something’s off. No heroic outcome. No hint of what the mystical box imprisons. And what legend concludes with dire warnings of an apocalypse?  As enclave life makes demands on his time, Aiken hunts for survival instead of answers. It’s a choice he’ll regret. When fate intervenes, Aiken’s life spirals out of control.  With the legend come to life, his village under attack and no sign of reprieve, can Aiken prevail before the world ends? Breach is an introduction to a YA fantasy series served with a twist of adventure and a hint of romance. If you like fast-paced novellas, engaging mysteries and innovative fantasy, then you’ll love this insight into Bronwyn Leroux’s engaging new series. Pick up Breach and unlock the legendary tale today!